A Tour of Hermosa Beach with Tari

If you believe in true love…and the magic of the holidays, I’m writing the Hermosa for the Holidays series for you.

The holiday novella’s are set in Hermosa Beach, California, just minutes from where I live. The city of Hermosa Beach is more than a hundred years old with a rich history that epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle. There is something for everyone, and I hope to share that with you in this set of sweet little romantic comedies.


With the release of my first novella #PleaseSayYes I thought it would be fun to take you on a pictorial tour of the real Hermosa, and the Hermosa in my stories. I’ll be adding to this post periodically, so come back often to visit the Hermosa for the Holidays World!

To help you navigate here’s a link to the google map of Hermosa Beach.

Much of #PleaseSayYes takes place in the Beach Break Coffee Bar. Beach Break is owned by two brother’s Kyle and Evan, who are central to the story. In my Hermosa Beach, the Beach Break is on the South West Corner of Pier and Hermosa Avenues and has a rooftop patio. In the real Hermosa Beach, you’ll find that a large Bank of America is on that corner, and as far as I know, no rooftop patio. *sigh*. The colored posts in the picture block off the portion of Pier Avenue that is closest to the Hermosa Pier, from thru traffic, making it safe for pedestrians, skaters and bicycles.



As you walk toward the Pier, there are restaurants, bars, gift shops etc. all along the way. I love the older buildings, and I imagine Randi’s Rags to be in the green building where Waterman’s exists in the real Hermosa. This building does have a rooftop patio, and the real Waterman’s is a fun little restaurant and bar with great food and drinks.  


My favorite place in the story was a real place, the Either Or Bookstore. When I first moved to the Los Angeles South Bay, back in the late 1980’s I fell in love with this store. I believe it took up four of the stores in this photo from Subway down to sol baby. Each level of the bookstore held different books and special seating areas to curl up and enjoy a good read. There was a window seat, overstuffed chairs and even a porch swing. It was a special store, and writing it into #PleaseSayYes and the Hermosa for the Holidays series has been my way of preserving it. You can see pictures of the real Either or Bookstore and learn more about it in this Daily Breeze article.

Just for fun I thought you might enjoy seeing The Comedy & Magic Club where Jay Leno performs regularly, and stars such as Kevin Neelin, Dave Coulier, Arsenio Hall, and so many others have performed, and continue to perform. It’s a great venue for seeing top comedy and magic acts.

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